On being excluded

As a non-heterosexual, LGBTQIA-everything-affirming evangelical Christian, I expected my religious community to abandon me, and they have.

Those that know me best know that the way I have been treated by the Church has been mild compared to some things my other LGBTQIA siblings have endured, but I have been regarded as inferior nonetheless, and I have been treated accordingly. Although I was naïve in thinking I would still be allowed to serve in church leadership–and was destroyed by their response to my being honest–I expected to receive fake smiles and well-we-love-you-anyway and the we-don’t-condemn-but-we-don’t-condone.

I know now that I was being naïve in thinking my Christian community would allow for difference without letting that difference define me. Apparently, I was also naïve in thinking my non-Christian community would see me–rejected by the Church after standing up for what I understand to be true–and stop stereotyping Christians.

Not all of us blindly follow the Church’s teachings.
Not all of us believe the same things.
Not all of us hate people who believe differently than we do.
Not all of us hate people who don’t believe in anything.
Not all of us use the Gospel to control other people’s lives.
Not all of us shun people who question things.

When I hear these things from some of my non-Christian friends, it feels the same as the we-love-you-but and we-don’t-condemn-but-we-don’t-condone and if-you-were-single-and-celibate and all of those godforsaken, logically atrocious articles about why a child of a same-sex couple is against marriage equality.

Christianity is as much a part of my identity as being bisexual, and I will give it up for no one–community or no community.


One thought on “On being excluded

  1. Just remember that there is nothing you can possible do to alienate God from loving you. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life and if you believe in Him you will be okay no matter what else happens. I take refuge in knowing that there is nothing on this earth that can bring peace anywhere close to the peace of knowing that God loves me. He loves you too even if every friend and family member ends up hating you.

    God Bless!

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