The Family: Episode Two

I am with Ellison, my friend from Clinic. We are walking outside the walls of Clinic’s compound. This is also a typical day.

Me: “I hear Namina is dating Smitty.”
Ellison: nodding head, pulling ePack off, rummaging through pockets “Yep. She’s telling everybody.”
Me: “Good for them. It’s about time. What are you doing?”
Ellison: pulling food out of his pack, smiling “Peanut butter and jelly.”
Me: alarmed “Uhm, I don’t know, man. My parents would be pissed if they knew I was even around you when you were eating that.”
Ellison: “C’mon, man, it’s good. Tastes just like it did before.”
Me: visibly upset “Ellison, that is an illegal food substance.”
Ellison: shrugging, takes a bite “I have it all the time.”
Me: “Are you…”
Ellison: looking quizically, speaking with mouth full “Am I what?”
Me: “Addicted?”
Ellison: laughs, takes a bite, shaking his head
Me: “You know, they have programs for that.”
Ellison: rolling eyes, speaking with mouth full “They used to eat this all the time before. It tastes good.”

//I want to leave at this point, but we have fake passes for an entire session, which lasts an hour and a half.//

Ellison: “Have you ever tried it before?”
Me: “No.”
Ellison: “Then you don’t know what you’re talking about. The meals are garbage. This,” holds up sandwich “is bliss in your mouth.” takes a bite
Me: “I’m not trying it.”
Ellison: smiling “I didn’t ask you to try it.”


Ellison: smiling “You want some.”

//pause/It is a statement, more than a question./

Ellison: holding the sandwich out “Just try it once. This one’s on me.”

This is a slightly less typical day.


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