mountainI deleted my Facebook account.
My phone cannot receive text messages.
I can only accept calls.
I received a phone call from my childhood best friend, who will be in town on Friday with her girlfriend.
My childhood best friend wants to hang out on Friday so she can meet my girlfriend.
I am terrified.
I went to a memorial dinner for my girlfriend’s stepdad’s mom.
My girlfriend’s stepdad told us that we couldn’t have eaten if we didn’t go get the chicken from Popeyes.
I couldn’t tell if he was kidding or not.
My girlfriend keeps telling me she wouldn’t care if I flirted with other people.
I don’t want to flirt with other people.
I want her to get upset if I flirt with other people.
I want to be allowed to get upset if she flirts with other people.
I took a shower this morning.
I didn’t want to, but my head was itching.
I have a therapy appointment in 25 minutes.
My therapist’s name is Tara.
I don’t know Tara.
I am terrified.

Too many people; too many things to do; too many ways they all can hurt me.


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