This isn’t depression; I’m just exhausted(?)- A Critical Analysis of Everything

My back is heavy from the people on it.

Let me list the things I hate:

  1. Double standards in your “I cannot control my mental health”/”God, I hate it when you get like this.”
  2. Anger. Seething, homicidal anger, boiling, capped by my skin and smile.
  3. Talking about/writing about/learning about depression.
  4. Beeping things; for instance, my phone is dying and it’s beeping but I am sitting here, on my iPhone, writing something no one will read or care about, instead of turning it off or plugging it in. Maybe I’ll wait until it’s dead.
  5. Fucking in summer. It’s sweaty and smelly and exhausting.
  6. Less-than-immaculate surfaces; for instance, everything in my room is covered in germs and cat hair, including my body.
  7. Money. Not having enough; caring too much about whether I have enough.
  8. Hot showers. See #5 for reasons.
  9. Ex-best friends, ex-lovers, ex-girlfriends, ex-boyfriends, ex-churches, ex-gay therapy, anything with ex- added onto it.
  10. Lists.

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